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January 2, 2012

St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Alcohol Enforcement Coordinator, Dfc. James Stone

There is a new class of fraudulent identification cards being passed around the area in an attempt to gain illegal access to bars and retail establishments that sell alcohol. However, according to one retailer, Gary Rogow, proprietor of the ABC Liquor & Lounge in California, a recent seminar given by Alcohol Beverage Board’s Administrator, Tammy Hildebrand and St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Alcohol Enforcement Coordinator, Dfc. James Stone explained to retailers how to spot the new class of IDs.

According to Rogow, “I attended the Responsible Alcohol Service Training seminar (RAST) and it was then that we were taught new techniques to spot these IDs.” He went on to explain that in addition to learning about the new IDs, the RAST seminar included lessons on responsible alcohol service practices and other important rules and regulations. “It is all about the safety of our customers and the people in the communities. Our goal is for everyone to be responsible and safe,” said Rogow.

Techcrunch Of The Attack Attack Of Attack Techcrunch Superfakes Of The The Superfakes So far ABC Liquor & Lounge has seized four such fraudulent IDs over the past two months. At first look the ID’s are an exact match with Maryland’s State issued IDs. After taking RAST, Rogow then asked for and received additional training for his entire staff from Dfc. Stone. “We are here to help retailers any way we can” said Stone. “Any liquor store or bar owner may contact us and we will schedule training in their establishment”.

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Stone went on to state that the department receives a great deal of cooperation and assistance from most retailers, but that there are some who try to evade and avoid laws and who are not cooperative at all. “Most of the liquor retailers we deal with are honest and have the best interest of their patrons and communities in mind. Others basically try to lie and get away with illegal activities, making our job that much more difficult.”

Talking with ABC Security Person, Adam Cooper about the latest IDs, it became apparent that normal ID checking had to go through some changes in order for bars and liquors stores to be assured of compliance. “We now have patrons take their IDs out of their wallets and we scan them with Ultra-Violet light (black light) which shows imperfections in the very accurate copies we come across. We also have to look at the front and back of the IDs to make sure they are legitimate.”

Bar Manager, Matt Rogow confirmed Cooper’s statement, “We have to be diligent at all times and these new IDs are very difficult to spot with the naked eye.” Matt Rogow went on to explain that the level of help and cooperation and the additional one-on-one training his staff and crew received at the ABC has proven invaluable.

Dfc. Stone stated that it is the effort of establishments such as ABC and others that makes his life as the single Alcohol Enforcement Coordinator much easier. “I have a lot of area to cover and the help and cooperation of retailers is invaluable.”

Gary Rogow emphasized that without the friendly and cooperative attitude and willingness of Stone and Hildebrand and their willingness to work with retailers individually, with the onset of these new IDs, many establishments would be afraid to do business. “This whole effort would not work if retailers were afraid to work with authorities. Stone and Hildebrand make it so easy that there is no fear doing business. They go out of their way to ensure that we know what we can and cannot do and how to correct a situation if we recognize one.”

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One Response to Crack Down on New Class of Fake IDs

  1. Un4GiVeN on January 2, 2012 at 3:04 pm

    If they don’t work with police, take them to the board and have them suspended or shut down.
    Maybe MVA can invent a new ID that isn’t possible well not possible because anything is possible, but harder to create for the dumb citizens that break the law doing this.

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